Achieving a Period Effect with your Front Door

The front door is an integral feature of any period house, and a simple way to inject period charm into a modern home. If you live in an original period property, then it’s a good idea to keep the main entrance as real as possible to the character of the house, by acknowledging the architectural style and initial products used in the remainder of the property. If you live in a modern house, then you can produce stunning effects by integrating traditional design with contemporary flare. It’s essential to guarantee that your doors and windows blend in with the rest of your house, and that they are strong, secure and effective.

Most of period front doors take impact from the fundamental timber-panelled structures of Georgian or Victorian houses. These traditional designs can be easily and discreetly modified to include a touch of personality to your home. If you’re wanting to blend the conventional front door with a more contemporary feel, for example, then you might consider going for shades of grey and dusky blues, or including a bespoke door knocker for a contemporary twist. It’s everything about deciding which duration design you like, and personalising it to match your own taste and requirements.

Georgian front doors

Common Georgian front doors consist of six lumber panels, and are generally held up into the wall. Some have semi-circular fanlights above them. As the Georgian period progressed, doors became more elaborate, and the top two panels (which were smaller sized than the rest) were frequently changed with glass. The symmetrical, tidy character of Georgian architecture meant that white was often the most popular colour for front doors

Victorian front doors

Just as Victorian sash windows have fewer (but bigger) panes of glass than Georgian windows, so too do Victorian front doors consist of less lumber panels. Typical Victorian front doors feature 4 wood panels, and some of these were often made from glass. Early-Victorian terraced houses likewise frequently featured arched front doors, and they would have been painted or stained to look like wood.

Edwardian front doors

Genuine Edwardian front doors are normally larger than other duration designs, and feature ornamental panes of glass– either Art Nouveau stained glass or neo-Georgian in style– to permit natural light to stream into the hallway. It was not unusual for doors to have extra windows on either side. Unlike the minimalist Georgian style, Edwardian front doors were often more fancy and painted in bold colours, such as red or green.

1920s-style front doors 

The Roaring Twenties brought with them unlimited visual developments in front-door designs. Many doors were made from low-cost wood, however stained in dark colours, like green and black, with individual panels selected in lighter colours for meaning. The leading panels of the door would have featured decorative and intricate glass designs.

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Replacing Period Property Windows but Keeping the Charm

New doors and windows can change the look of a house, but those who reside in or run duration residential or commercial properties often worry that the aesthetics will lose their character and beauty. With such misconceptions, it can be simple to ignore the signs that your duration windows require replacing, keeping those energy expenses high while risking the security of the residential or commercial property. Not just that, however a house can start to look diminish without the correct maintenance.

Here’s our expert recommendations for changing your duration residential or commercial property windows.

Do Your Period Home Windows Need Replacing?

When window frames made from natural wood program indications of weathering, it’s possible to buy corrective work, however there comes a time when replacing the windows is the more practical choice.

Time & Money

While it’s possible to maintain the look of the original frames with a lot of care and attention, having regular maintenance through the year will take up time, not to mention the trouble and expenses included.

Physical Condition

If the wood is decomposing, warped or has actually developed other problems, it’s time to eliminate the problem for good.

Thermal Performance

Old fittings can often allow a draught, reducing comfort in the home and its general weather condition efficiency. Modern glazing has permitted households to increase their energy effectiveness rating, keeping spaces warmer in all weather conditions.

Unsecured Premises

If your windows are jamming or aren’t sufficiently protected, you’re putting your property and safety at risk. Modern doors and windows have multi-point locking systems to reduce the chances of a break-in.

Timber Frame Alternatives

Over the centuries, wood has been a popular material for window frames, but it does require more maintenance than more contemporary offerings such as uPVC and aluminium which don’t require repainting, staining and have a simple ‘wipe clean’ policy. That said, wood frames have come a long way in recent years and are incredibly resilient if cared for well. Fortunately, there’s an option, supplying the ideal compromise in between conventional looking windows and low maintenance products.

Modern innovation and production have actually advanced so that duration homes can update the performance of their windows while still maintaining the aesthetics of the originals. 

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Bathroom Renovations

A number of unwanted obstacles occur when updating older type bathrooms from the ancient plumbing leading into the shower cabin, bath or sink to water harmed floor covering. You never ever understand what you will discover when you begin dissecting the bathroom. When you raise that old ceramic or vinyl floor covering, don’t be shocked as to what could be prowling beneath the surface area. I just recently completed a house remodelling tour with a local house contracting business, since I would quickly be tackling my own bathroom renovations and wished to make sure nothing was left to chance considering that I would be doing most of the work myself.

Turning my focus to the bathroom remodelling task, I was taken back a couple of actions by what I saw and rapidly understood, if at first the task is not done properly, you will actually invest more cash in the repair work process. Given that the ceramic tiling was not properly laid, serious water damaged took place over time and was in desperate requirement of replacing, the mortar was not spread evenly throughout the floor boards which gave way to decayed plywood and ultimately result in needing to go back to square one. If you are not an expert and need recommendations on correct installation strategies, local DIY shops frequently hold weekend classes on a number of different house restoration jobs. From the setup of brand-new showers enclosures, bath panels or shower cubicles, everything you need to know for your bathroom restoration job. Investing a couple of hours of your time to get it right the very first time will pay off in the long term or if you are looking to employ a professional, prior to you do, completely research previous house contracting projects and get references from various sources.

Work With a Bathroom Contractor to do your remodelling

If you have pals or family members that have actually had any work done using a house contracting company, go out and have a look at the craftsmanship.

The stunning bathroom appeared like it belonged on the front cover of Better Homes and Gardens, the well-finished bathroom included a lovely corner bath for space conservation, a conventional fixed rain shower head, wall mounted bathroom storage cabinets, new bathroom vanity and earthy coloured ceramic floor tiling. When the bathroom was completed it was an expert style that provided a relaxing space that consisted of subtle variations of wall colours, woodwork and bathroom cabinets all of which aesthetically enhanced the appearance of the bathroom and gave the appearance of spaciousness.

Sign an agreement with your Bathroom company

Prior to signing off with your house professional, scrutinise their work under a magnifying glass, search for the slightest cracks and furrows in the ceramic tiles, analyse the grouting, caulking around tub, showers, sinks and any cabinets together with any imperfections in the walls, keep in mind once the house professional disappears from the worksite, it can be difficult to get them back to the house to make repairs. It is likewise essential to prepare a binding contract between the house owner and the company you are pondering hiring for your bathroom restoration project and don’t sign on any dotted line until you are entirely pleased with their work principles and policies. You want to ensure the business you employ will go back to the worksite to make any required repair work must something go wrong with the bathroom installation from the plumbing to the floor covering, being customer clever will secure your investment.

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Power Tool Safety Tips

Power tools are vital for professionals and those who tackle DIY house enhancement tasks. They are preferred as they assist users to conserve time and they also make the job much easier. Nevertheless, they need to be handled carefully otherwise they can result in injury. Accidents usually occur due to negligence, boredom, and overconfidence. By keeping the following 10 safety concerns in mind, it is possible to work adequately and safely with power tools.

  1. Safety glasses: These prevent dust, debris, wood shavings, shards from fibre glass, etc from entering into the eyes. Shatterproof glass are one of the most basic pieces of security devices that must be used when dealing with power tools.
  2. Defence for the ears: Power tools can create a lot of noise, which might sound louder in the cloistered environment of a workshop; in order to lessen damage to the ears, it is suggested to use earplugs.
  3. Knowing the right tools for the task: It is essential to understand the right tools for the job in order to avoid injury to oneself and damage to the products. To this end, it is recommended to completely check out the user’s manual provided with the equipment and get knowledgeable about the suggested security precautions.
  4. Proper technique of using tools: Tools ought to not be brought by their cords; tools that are not in use needs to be detached; and while handling a tool connected to a power source, fingers ought to be kept away from the on/off switch.
  5. The ideal clothing: Long hair must be tied and loose clothes ought to be avoided. Preferably, clothing that covers the entire body should be used and heavy gloves must be utilised in order to avoid sharp carries out and splinters from hurting the hands. Masks avoid inhalation of damaging minute particles of the product that is being worked upon. Steel-toed work boots and construction hats can likewise be worn.
  6. Tool inspection: Power tools must not be employed in wet environments and should never be dipped in water; they should be inspected periodically for exposed circuitry, harmed plugs, and loose plug pins. Nicked cords can be taped however if a cut appears to be deep, a cable must be replaced. Tools that are damaged or those that sound and feel different when utilised ought to be inspected and repaired.
  7. Tidiness in the work area: This must be maintained due to the fact that collected dust particles in the air can ignite with a spark. Of course, flammable liquids need to be kept covered and away from the location where power tools are being used. An uncluttered workspace likewise makes it easy to steer the power tool; frequently distractions brought on by a twisted cable can lead to a mishap.
  8. Care with particular tools: Miter saws and table saws should be utilised with a quick-release clamp and a wood push-through, respectively. Extra care need to be taken while using nail guns and power belt sanders.
  9. Keep tools in place: Power tools should be gone back to their cabinets after use to prevent them from being used by an unapproved and incapable individual.
  10. Lighting: It is important to use appropriate lighting while dealing with power tools, especially when operating in the basement and garage where lighting might not be satisfactory.

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Renovate or Move?

Most homeowners are required to ask themselves if they need to refurbish or relocate eventually in time. The choice to market their residence and also move away or to remain in their residence and also remodel can be very challenging. Several factors absolutely affect whether you decide to relocate or whether you stay and remodel your house.

Should I stay or should I go? Certainly, many homeowners are compelled to ask this question at some point in time. The decision to offer their home and move away or to remain in their house and remodel can be extremely challenging indeed. Numerous aspects absolutely influence whether you choose to relocate or whether you stay as well as redesign your home.

Area, location, location. It’s generally the mantra of Estate Agents , but it applies below as well. Where your home is located is typically one of the most important elements because a house improvement task will never ever change the location of your house. You may be forced to undertake a step due to external pressures you can not alter, such as:

  • You may not like the quality of your regional school system.
  • You may not have many local options for buying or way of life options.
  • The dimension of your current lot or tract may not deal with a rise in dimension or development.
  • A neighbourhood watch may prevent additions or developments since it transforms the appearance of the area or neighbourhood.
  • Legal or zoning limitations in your city could protect against any type of modifications.
  • Your class might just have identical housing plans (” cookie-cutter residences”) and also adding a 2nd tale or home addition could make it less beneficial than the others in the neighbourhood.
  • It might cost way too much to restore.

Because you can not transform these elements, you and your family may discover that relocate to a new location is absolutely needed. Have a look at your residence location as well as make a decision if it fulfils your demands, if it can be enhanced, whether or not it is as well old, and whether you can deal with the stress and anxiety of a remodelling project.


An additional consider your “move or renovate” decision might be that your house is already the nicest in the area. An extensive renovation or improvement of the best home in your area may be fine if you’re planning on living there for an exceptionally extended period of time. Nonetheless, if you have plans of marketing in the future, such an improvement may avoid you from getting a decent return on your investment. If your house is already the best, investing extra on it won’t make the worth increase even greater.


If you are determined to sit tight, you may have made the most effective option. If you ask individuals to provide the prices involved with moving, a lot of will just discuss the price for a relocating business to come pick up their furniture. It can actually set you back more to relocate than to take on certain renovating work. There are prices connected with offering your residence, getting a new residence (Estate Agent fees, completion costs), cleaning services, transferring your family members (hotels, meals, gas), repairs and renovations required to offer the old house, and numerous, much more.

If you’re going to restore, keep these pointers in mind to see to it your home enhancement projects will go a whole lot smoother:

  • Decide whether you’re improving your home for you or for a future sale – If you intend to redesign your restroom or paint your indoor wall surfaces, the options you make can influence the value of your house. You could like the colour red or a contemporary sink style in your master bath. Nevertheless, home customers are not always keen on exotic layouts as well as it may do even more harm than great when you prepare to sell your home.
  • Decide whether you’ll leave during construction – You as well as your family may not have the ability to take care of the noise, debris, dust, as well as extra workers in your home. You may need to temporarily transfer to a hotel, home, or home. However, it could be a good idea to stay. Some like to be near to the action as well as have the ability to look after the job being done. It’s likewise vital for somebody to be there to get distributions. If you stay, it is necessary to make certain you ask employees clean up at the end of every single day. Make arrangements to change the area being worked on (for instance, set up your kitchen area devices in a spare bedroom throughout a kitchen area remodel.).
  • Arrange for enough financing to be able to cope throughout any kind of project – There might be lots of surprise costs in a residence enhancement task, so it’s good to budget for surprises. Plan for troubles that a contractor might discover throughout the improvement. Plan for extra time (which enhances your budget), past your forecasted conclusion day. Prepare for changes you could choose, also – it might look excellent theoretically, however you might change your mind throughout the redesigning task as well as those modifications cost added. Think about adding a minimum of 15% to 25% to your expected spending plan … for emergency situations. Consider the little things, too – other concealed costs can include: buying more takeout food throughout a kitchen area remodel, paying for coin laundry services when your water is shut off for extended durations, or perhaps resort remains throughout hefty building and construction.
  • Plan to do it all-at-once or project-by-project – Several homeowners make a decision to renovate a kitchen area and, while that job is underway, will then make a decision to add a shower room restoration. This can trigger hold-ups and added expenditure. While it’s true that there are currently building and construction workers at work website, it takes mindful preparation to schedule permits, materials, layouts, and the subcontractors’ schedules to complete a project on time and on budget. It’s finest to plan for your cooking area remodel, bathroom remodel, and also brand-new patio setup to occur all at once or you should prepare for them to occur separately, over an amount of time. It will certainly lower expense overruns, hold-ups, and also migraines.


As the housing market continues to decrease, and in some areas drop significantly, it is a crucial time to take into consideration sitting tight and also remodelling your home. Housing market rates may remain to level out so one certain way to enhance building value is a proper renovation. Seek advice from a developer or engineer in your location to identify which modifications will certainly be best for your residence in your neighbourhood.

If you’re intending to stay in your present home for a long period of time, make sure that any type of remodelling you do are genuinely for you. It’s your residence as well as you’ve reached reside in it and also be comfortable. Whether you convert your cellar right into a family room or you want a health spa bathtub mounted in your master shower room, choose the items and also designs that deal with your lifestyle. If your tastes are more unique, you can always redesign or refurbish once again when you prepare to offer.

If you plan and fund your restoration appropriately, you ought to be able to “make over” your residence to match your requirements with little or no problems. 

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