Replacing Period Property Windows but Keeping the Charm

New doors and windows can change the look of a house, but those who reside in or run duration residential or commercial properties often worry that the aesthetics will lose their character and beauty. With such misconceptions, it can be simple to ignore the signs that your duration windows require replacing, keeping those energy expenses high while risking the security of the residential or commercial property. Not just that, however a house can start to look diminish without the correct maintenance.

Here’s our expert recommendations for changing your duration residential or commercial property windows.

Do Your Period Home Windows Need Replacing?

When window frames made from natural wood program indications of weathering, it’s possible to buy corrective work, however there comes a time when replacing the windows is the more practical choice.

Time & Money

While it’s possible to maintain the look of the original frames with a lot of care and attention, having regular maintenance through the year will take up time, not to mention the trouble and expenses included.

Physical Condition

If the wood is decomposing, warped or has actually developed other problems, it’s time to eliminate the problem for good.

Thermal Performance

Old fittings can often allow a draught, reducing comfort in the home and its general weather condition efficiency. Modern glazing has permitted households to increase their energy effectiveness rating, keeping spaces warmer in all weather conditions.

Unsecured Premises

If your windows are jamming or aren’t sufficiently protected, you’re putting your property and safety at risk. Modern doors and windows have multi-point locking systems to reduce the chances of a break-in.

Timber Frame Alternatives

Over the centuries, wood has been a popular material for window frames, but it does require more maintenance than more contemporary offerings such as uPVC and aluminium which don’t require repainting, staining and have a simple ‘wipe clean’ policy. That said, wood frames have come a long way in recent years and are incredibly resilient if cared for well. Fortunately, there’s an option, supplying the ideal compromise in between conventional looking windows and low maintenance products.

Modern innovation and production have actually advanced so that duration homes can update the performance of their windows while still maintaining the aesthetics of the originals. 

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